Brass Pocket Compass with Leather Case, Wedding Gift, Company Gift – Vintage Working Compass


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  • Are you looking to inspire a new graduate or a loved one who is making a sea change in their life? Then look no further than our inspirational compass featuring the poem, “So You Can Always Find Your Way Back Home” and a vintage-inspired compass.
  • Every piece is unique and is bound to become a keepsake for the person who receives it as a gift. This could be a unique addition to your personal collection or you can gift it to some one who is very special to you because this is true example of gift.
  • “Gift never says, but it is more close to you than it seems. A perfect metaphor to represent this idea comes with this Brass Compass With a beautiful Case. Add this to your cart for your class & let you make it a part of your collectibles and flaunt on your desk. Perfect gift for everyone by MEDIEVAL EPIC.
  • Size: 5X5X1.8 centimeter, Leather Case Size: 6.8X6.5X4 centimeter
  • Manufactured by MEDIEVAL EPIC.

Brass Pocket Compass with Leather Case – Anniversary Gifts, Fathers Day Gift, Wedding Gift, Company Gift – Vintage Working Compass. The high quality jeweled compass needle settles to North very quickly for timely and accurate readings. The brass cover that unthreads and re threads onto the opposite side where it functions as a holder. Size of the compass Approximately: 6X6X2 centimeter. The perfect gift for anyone from Travelers

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