Eagle Scout Engraved Pocket Compass, Brass Compass, Boy Scouts Compass, Eagle Scout Compass, Pirates Compass, Gift Compass, Camping Compass


  • Engravable Compass, Pocket Compass, Brass Compass with Leather Carry Case, Boy Scouts Compass, Eagle Scout Compass, Pirates Compass, Gift Compass, Camping Compass
  • Made up of Brass and it comes with beautiful leather case.
  • Inspiration: This Brand-new magnetic compass at sea is mainly used for steering a course. The compass reading must be accurate, especially on long sea passages, because an error of one or two degrees in a long course can make a difference of thousands of nautical miles in reaching your destination after many days. The ability to navigate with map and compass is a crucial skill, one that can literally save your life.
  • Gift Branding : Give gifts of random kindness and brighten someone’s day. Surprise friends and family with unusual gifts, at unexpected moments for long lasting smiles. We have gorgeous gifts for her, stylish treats for him, plus lots of cute gifts for everyone and your family.
  • Premium quality handcrafted brass compass and leather case, This Compass Provides Accurate directional assistance. This Compass Can Also Be Used for Camping, Hiking or Adventure Traveling, You Can Easily carry It In your Pocket.

This functioning brass compass with antique finish is approximately 2.0″ in diameter. Compasses have been used for years to help travelers determine their location as well as the location of their destination. The high quality jeweled compass needle settles to North quickly for timely and accurate readings. It has a small lever on the side of the compass that operates a needle lift mechanism to protect the compass bearing. This compass makes a perfect gift for any occasion: birthday gift, baptism gift, Mother’s day gift and Father’s day gift, wedding gift, anniversary gift, Duty to God award, missionary gift, Baptism gifts, confirmation gift, gift for God son, gift for God parents.

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