Plate Armor Armor Sheet Metal, 184 cm Large Helmet Replica


Here at, everyone love the feeling of wearing armor but hate the achy muscles and sore back that you get after a day of wearing heavy protective gear. Our “Exclusive Armor” collection is a bit of a solution to that because it offers beautifully designed armor for the Mens figure which is just as protective as heavier armor but at a fraction of the weight. That means you can spend less time recovering and more time being the best fighter on the field!
This whole harness is perfect for SCA or LARP, wedding costume, larpcostume, armor, wedding costume, knight suit, medieval knight, reenactment costume, combat as it is lightweight and provides a decent amount of protection at no loss of mobility. It is historically inspired, but as usual, we have taken artistic liberty and made it even more beautiful than anything you will ever see in a manuscript.

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