The Medieval Epic proudly offers these beautiful antique reproductions and modern compasses.  All are fully functional and beautifully made.  Most products are polished to a bright high-luster finish, and some are available in an antique brass patina.  We have a large selection of brass desk compasses, pocket compasses, stand compasses, and surveying and other specialty compasses.  We also carry several other compasses.
Expert engraving is offered on most of our products and usually does not delay the shipping of your order.  We offer the fastest shipping available, and most custom engraved orders ship the same day or maximum 3 days.
For detailed information on our compasses, information, photographs, or to order just click any of the thumbnail pictures below.  See our complete line of nautical gifts including brass sextants, telescopes, binoculars, swords, knives, and hundreds of nautical decor items using the links to the left or above.

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