18″ Antique Morse Scuba Diving Divers Helmet US Navy Mark V with Wooden Base


  • An Unique Surprise Corporate Gift Fully Handmade Diver Helmet
  • Material :Brass and Copper ( Silver Plated )
  • Top head measurements: 16″ x 12.5″ x 17″ / 40cm x 32cm x 42cm.approx
  • Wonderful Addition for Navy and Antique Collection
  • Manufactured By Medieval Epic
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Antique Brass Scuba Diving Divers Helmet US Navy Mark V Solid Brass 18” w/ Base, These models and the replica of Navy divers helmet It is in good condition New Beautiful Antique Look. A Heavy Solid Piece. We Used Coating Process to Make it Look Like 100% Genuine Product. Made Of High Quality Metal Used Description Our Large full size Well crafted Divers helmets are commanding feature piece that evoking senses and illuminating entire spaces.these diving helmet is well made replica of vintage navy divers helmets.

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