Wooden Medieval Round Shield with Cross Vikings Shield – SCA/LARP/Antique/Armor/Handmade


  • Aged wooden vikings shield – sca/larp/Norse/Norway/antique/armor
  • Solid Wood Construction (Size: 24”)
  • Steel Outer Rim. – Steel Center Boss
  • Comes with battle ready wooden handle to hold the shield
  • Manufactured By Medieval Epic
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The round shield was a staple of warfare throughout human history. From the very earliest shields discovered right up to the Renaissance, the maneuverability and utility of the round shield as a battlefield weapon has made it soThis beautifully handmade and hand-painted Viking shield is an absolute masterpiece. The aged wooden planks have been meticulously carved by hand and feature a wealth of wondrous detail and subtle battle-marks that befit a great Viking warrior. The shield also features a heavy 16 gauge steel boss in the center and a steel rim all around the outer edge. A single wooden handle has been attached to the back of the shield for carrying/wielding purposes. Because this type of shield is made by hand and uses multiple carving techniques, please be aware that the wood patterns and details shown in the pictures may vary slightly from the shield you receive. The front of the shield has also been applied with a topcoat/varnish to protect it through the centuries. So whether for the wall or the battlefield, this shield is well balanced and ready to serve. Manufactured By Medieval Epic

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