“300” Spartan Shield Full Size Replica 36 “- Official Replica – Brass Antique Style


  • Hand made items by nauticalmart
  • It is. These high quality 18 g solid steel
  • Children ‘s Larp live action role playing, cosplay, Halloween, costumes, theater props, reenactments history.
  • Completing what you need realizes a perfect appearance
  • Manufactured by Medieval Epic

300 “Spartan Shield 36 inch – brass antique full size replica without official replica Here in the case of searching for this category, we shield various medieval and Renaissance styles, some in addition to role play shield and decoration In preparation for a live-action battle.The display inside the young knight is a shield decorated, or a shield of a decorated heater Study or a bedroom.Shield shielded by our company in function fighting KEEP yourself ALIVE. In addition, LARP shield Playing all the gamers rolls Our SCA shield is made up of SCA re-enactments, 18 gauge steel in preparation for the battle of the shielded sword hanger decorated is a wonderful favorite sword, a shield Although it is being hung, it is not Home, and it is used in the shield of Rome It was has been achieved the protection of the Roman army. Our decorative, Rome, Lion, features and LARP shield is affordable.

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